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Have you ever fallen in love with an alarm clock? What about a mouse that wears glasses?

This hour long show will have you loving both within the first few minutes.

Marvin is this adorable mouse that seems to be having trouble fitting in. He isn’t the popular kid but he soon comes up with an idea that is out of this world. Through some real bravery and his ability to understand the struggles others face Marvin is able to solve problems no one else can.

I was excited for my kids to see the show, Moon Mouse. I was sure my seven year old would really enjoy it. I was not so sure my three year old would be able to sit still long enough to enjoy it, but a mom can dream.

My son sat through the show with his mouth wide open most of the time, my daughter watched the entire show(!) never taking her eyes off Marvin, Moon Girl… and certainly not the dragon. Even the adults were amused. Without Marvin uttering a single word you feel in love with this colorful mouse. When he was sad I wanted to run up and give him a hug, we laughed with him and the entire theatre cheered with him when he would work his way to a victory.

Even more impressive than the actual show is afterwards. So… when you start to think it is over… wait a few more minutes. They will turn the lights on and tell you all the magic that goes into the show. I think we were just as interested in this part as the actual show. They were able to do a quick Q&A and one of the characters hung around for a minute and we were able to get a closer look at his costume!

I won’t share too much about the behind the scenes as I wouldn’t want to ‘tell the ending’ to anyone looking to enjoy this performance! ┬áBut when you are watching the show you will find it incredible to know that it is performed by only 5 actors/actresses! I was shocked! This is quite a talented group!

Of course I came home to look up Lightwire Theater, the group that does this incredible performance and was delighted to find that they have more than just the moon mouse show. Sadly none are currently close to us, but I will keep looking and checking as we would love to see them all again.

Go, check out their schedule and if they are close to you… you will not regret going to meet Marvin!

Moon Mouse: A Space Odyssey is a performance that is magical for the whole family. The mouse will make his way into your heart and you will not want to miss this show when it comes to your area.