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Mom, can we do a science experiment today?

-My 5YO

We are a proud homeschool family.My son’s favorite subject is science! He loves to learn how things work, from the human body to the steam engine. Little Guy loves to look inside electronics and his current favorite thing to watch is “How Its Made”.

Whenever Little Guy was in Kindergarten we did most of his science out of The Children’s Encyclopedia. This book is “internet-linked” which I didn’t quite understand in the beginning. It just meant we were able to go to Usborne’s website and find more information about the pages we had just read. Sometimes it was videos of the animals, or it could be children’s computer games to play. We could have spent hours on each page with all of the additional content online. I recommend you save the site for those topics that are of the most interest!

We used the Children’s Encyclopedia in unison with the Science Activities book for our science experiments. This book was great with lots of activities for early elementary students (and mom). Most of the experiments we did with items we found around the house. I would recommend making a list of items you will need ahead of time. There is not much worse than telling your youngster you will be doing an experiment only to find you have no celery for your red water.

Both of these books are Usbourne books. We have really liked their science and history books. They have very colorful illustrations and have a cartoony look that holds my son’s interest, without too much crazy to distract from the actual lesson.

I am enjoying telling you about the books and resources that we are currently using in our homeschool. I would love to hear from other homeschooling families on their curriculum choice.

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