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When I was a flight attendant my husband and I made decent money. But when we decided to expand our family one of us had to leave the flying world and I was the lucky one. Not only did we cut our income in half, our health insurance increased and we had to come up with a solution. I became a home economist. The more money we could save the more life we could live.

I didn’t want to spend so much money on groceries or the power bill or well… or anything. Suddenly the future mattered more to us than the moment. We wanted to travel, to save more for retirement, to save for our kid’s college. We couldn’t do all those things if we didn’t make some drastic cuts in our life. We cut the cable, sold a motorcycle, started businesses from home. We did everything we could to minimize our spending so that we could spend it on things we wanted.

Some of the things in the book you are already doing! Some of the things are wild and you may never do. Some of the things you haven’t thought of yet. But all the things can add up to significant savings in your life.

I am happy to send you the ebook for free, because how much sense does it make to spend money to learn to stop spending money.


100+ Frugal Life Hacks: Save Your Hard-Earned Money My family and I have been wildly frugal over the years and I wanted to share some of the ways we have saved thousands of dollars. And the ebook is FREE!!