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The beautiful Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain Georgia is a great drive-through zoo with over 500 animals to see up close.

The Wild Animal Safari located in Pine Mountain, Georgia is a beautiful drive-through animal park. Located on 500 acres in beautiful North Georgia, the oasis for the 550 wild animals is quite a sight to take in.

DJI OSMO MOBILE - Make Every Shot Smooth as SilkWhen you arrive at the Wild Animal Safari you will have the option to ride a bus (I believe they run on the weekend), you can rent a van, or you can drive your own vehicle. After seeing how the animals love the vehicles I would NOT recommend the later. (You will see in the video below)

You can buy food to give the animals. Buy the food! (when in Rome, y’all)


We rented a van to drive through. The van rental is more than worth the small rental fee. Immediately upon entering we were stampeded with animals curious to see if we had some snacks for them.

We were told already to be aware of the zebras. They are aggressive, and when going after their snack they will unintentionally bite you! So with the zebras we tossed the food to them and were careful to keep our fingers back. It was my first time petting a zebra, and the first time a zebra has tried to nibble at my arm. The zebra had us laughing for sure.

Wild Animal Safari: Pine Mountain, Georgia. Drive Through zoo

We were the first car for the day. We made sure to be there when they opened so as not to have to wait. We could tell when another car came in behind us as our larger more aggressive visitors left our van and were on to the next car. We visited on a weekday, so if you have the option choose this…. the animals were excited to see people and boy, were we happy to see them. The joining of a new van did give us the opportunity to meet and friend some of the smaller gentler animals in the yard. Fortunately, there were opportunities for us to pull to the side to allow the folks behind us to pass and enjoy their ride and a quicker pace than we were. There is a one hour time limit, but as we later found out the car behind us had a kid that wasn’t so crazy about the friendly animals.


We are a homeschool family, so this was a great hands-on learning experience! We also LOVE adventures, so this was the perfect for our wandering lot!

There were zebra, deer, goats, buffalo, cows, pigs, donkey, giraffe… so many animals we could see on the drive through.

When we finished the drive through we washed up and headed for the walk-through portion of the park. We were able to pet more goats, see some peacocks, turtles, 2 bears, and a sloth. We watched a white bengal tiger play in his pool with a ball, then run back and forth in his cage playing with his feline neighbor. We saw the baboons, and were greeted with a hello from a Macaw. The Dingos looked like puppy dogs according to my kids, and the wolf had my husband and me mesmerized at it’s beauty.americantourister.comWild Animal Safari: Pine Mountain Georgia is a beautiful drive through zoo.

If you are planning a zoo trip sometime soon, consider getting up close and personal with these babies. I didn’t get to pet a giraffe, but he/she walked over close to us. I did find myself terrified of the ostrich, but it was really a harmless creature.

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Watch our family video of our adventures with Wild Animal Safari.

Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain Georgia is a wonderful drive through safari with so many beautiful animals.