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I have talked about packing for a trip with kids before. About some of the things we carry on our trips. Today I want to talk about how we pack our clothes when we go on a trip.

I don’t pack pajamas. When we travel I pack my kids some very comfortable clothes they can sleep in, but I refuse to pack pajamas. I count the pajamas as a back up outfit. If we have some clothing disaster and they wind up needing to wear their “pajamas” during the trip no one will know but us. And this did happen when my daughter was potty training. (In Paris). So on the last day she did wear the pants she had been using as pajamas for our trip home.

I like to do laundry on our trip.  We choose a place with a washer/dryer or access to laundry facilities whenever we can. On those trips I pack significantly less clothing for us. While some people don’t want  to do laundry on vacation, I don’t mind it one bit. (actually I really prefer to have all of our clothes clean when we come home so I have a little less to do.)

I use packing cubes.  We recently went on vacation with our packing cubes. I LOVE them. I have three cubes and am able to pack clothes for my daughter, son, and myself each in separate cubes. This is a huge help in keeping organized. When we arrived I opened the suitcase, put each of the cubes in a drawer and I was done. Usually my suitcase serves as our “dresser” and its a disorganized mess.  After each outfit was worn we put them in their laundry bags and easily kept the clean and dirty clothes separate.

5 packing tips

The cubes are perfect for keeping our clothes organized.


I use the roll method. Rolling our clothes works beautifully inside the cubes. You can look at the cube and see every outfit option you have easily. Also I find that rolling my clothes tends to result in less wrinkles when I am ready to wear them.

Use a 22 inch suitcase. 22 inches is the tallest your bag can be and use it as a carry-on on an airplane. Also, make sure it is not overpacked. Some bags will expand, but overpacking them will also cause them to not fit in the overhead. A bag that doesn’t fit in the overhead bin will be checked by the gate agent through to your final destination.

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