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Five years ago we brought our first born home from the hospital. We were scared to death. We had no idea what we were doing or how we should parent this little dream come true. Despite all the parenting books I read, nothing compares to the real-life moments of looking at that precious child and knowing that no matter what you will provide him with the best life possible.  Our decision to homeschool has been much the same.

We read the books, the blogs, the opinions and suggestions of those pioneer homeschoolers that have succeeded at this before us. Now it was time to start.

I was only a few semesters away from having a teaching degree (when I decided I wasn’t going to finish school). But I didn’t learn anything in my college courses that a determined parent couldn’t learn for free (or nearly free) off the internet. Khan Academy is a great free resource for all ages (K-college level courses). Udemy has a wide range of topics. You can pay $24. to learn coding to make video games or you can gain access to free astronomy courses. I have used numerous free online resources and love them. I have recently found Coursera, and am finding it very interesting that I can take a college level course from Duke, Stanford or one of the other 100 schools offering courses for a small fee. – Kids Ages 2-8 – Click here to get your First Month Free!

If homeschooling is something you think you may want to try, I urge you to do the research… then armed with that knowledge teach your kid. You didn’t have all the answers when you decided to become a parent, and you won’t have them all before you begin homeschooling. The love you have for your child is what got you to get up in the middle of the night when they were infants to tend to their needs. That same love and passion for their well-being is what will push you to succeed in your homeschool journey.

So if you are feeling unqualified to teach your kids at home, just remember, you clicked on this link because you were curious. That curiosity is all it takes to arm yourself with everything you need to become a home educator. You CAN do this!

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homeschooling is for everyone! You know enough.