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I have blogged about blogging and I will be doing that again today. You may have seen my income reports.

January 2017

February 2017

And my state of the blog update post. Not really an income report as letting you know why I stopped income reports.

Since I began blogging about blogging (yes I love saying that) I have had friends let me know they are now going to start making money on their blog. I even had a friend that began blogging again. So I wanted to do a general post on how to start a blog. This is the first in a short series to help those who are in the beginning stages of blogging/website management.

A lot goes into operating a website/blog. I wanted to share some of my tools that make it all possible.

iPage has the Best Support

I am sure you already know your niche, what you want to blog about. I just want you to be sure your domain and niche that you choose are something that can grow with you.  Sure you can continue to blog about pregnancy after your child is 15, but will you want to? You can blog about raising an only child, but will you still be passionate about it when you have three kids? If you blog about being a stay at home mom but decide to go back to work, be sure that the domain you choose will allow for this change. You don’t want to start over, so be sure it can grow with you.

First, you need a website if you are going to operate a blog. I use iPage which I LOVE. They are a one stop shop and setup is so easy with them. You can get your domain (name of your website) and hosting all in one spot. iPage has amazing customer service and is a green company. They are operated on 100% wind energy! So you get great price, great customer service, and you are being environmentally friendly… win-win.

There are many options for domain and hosting, I am just familiar with iPage

You will need to install WordPress on your website, a relatively simple task with iPage. Once you have wordpress installed you can begin to customize it. WordPress has free themes (what your website looks like). You can purchase themes from outside wordpress in order to customize it how you want. I bought a lifetime membership to Elegant Themes. There are many themes available, and I am so thankful it is so easy to customize. Installing your theme into wordpress and your website is incredibly easy. I currently operate two websites; this blog and my husband’s company website. Both use Divi from Elegant themes and they look quite different. Divi is perfect for operating a blog or a website.
You can begin customizing your site as soon as you have your theme installed. Now you can begin blogging or setting up your website/online store.  Congrats and welcome to the world of blogging/website management.

I will be following this post up with how to monetize your blog! Make sure you subscribe by entering your email address below so that you don’t miss that or any other posts. Also, as with all my posts I am grateful for all you awesome folks that share them with others!

Everything you need to know to start your blog with iPage

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