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The Atlanta Science Festival is coming up! And this homeschool mom is very excited.

watching the robots at the Atlanta Science Festival

My little girl enjoyed the Atlanta Science Festival from the comfort of her baby carrier. Atlanta Science Festival 2015

Early on in our homeschool journey my son fell in love with science. I was pretty indifferent to science. I mean at least it wasn’t history… cuz I just can’t get excited talking about the Incan empire, unless it means I can visit present-day Peru!

Two years ago we were living just outside Atlanta. So when I heard about the Atlanta Science Festival we had to go. We even had some old friends come stay for the weekend and join us at one of the events. Friends really do make science more fun!

I have something exciting to tell you…The Atlanta Science Festival will be March 15-25, 2017! That just right around the corner.

There are so many events that you can’t possibly attend them all without a time-machine (wonder if there will be a time-machine event).  There are events for pre-schoolers, children (5-12), teens, parents, educators, families… there is something for everyone. This is an event for homeschoolers, public schoolers, unschoolers, and old schoolers.

Atlanta Science Festival Robots

Watching the robots at one of the events at Spelman College. Atlanta Science Festival 2015

We went to three separate events in 2015. At one event we watched the Spelman College robotics team show the awesome robots they had made and took to competitions. (My son is a HUGE robotics fan, so he was in heaven.) The Science Behind Star Wars was held at Georgia University, and I think my son’s favorite part was going dressed as Darth Maul and seeing the other characters! One robotics event was held in a warehouse (not as sketchy as it sounds, I promise). A high school robotics team opened their doors and showed us their robots and even let us drive their robots around and play ball with them. They were Huge robots compared to the small table-top size robots we had previously seen. It was great to see different types of robots. We also got to build with Legos and play with a Lego Mindstorm. (Those robots are really neat, but the programming of them is still a bit more than we are ready for, but they are on our homeschool wish list in case anyone is shopping for my Christmas early.)

driving robots at the Atlanta Science Festival

My robot loving 5 year old had the opportunity to drive the large robots, and even made them throw balls. Atlanta Science Festival 201

The Atlanta Science Festival is held all around Atlanta; museums, colleges, Stone Mountain, and yes… even warehouses.
The timing of the events is also as varied as the locations. There are events on weekdays, weekends, and all hours of the day. Some of the events have a fee, such as admission into the park/museum, but I found most are free!

A couple of the events I have looked at are already at capacity. If you find one you want to attend be sure to RSVP soon as some have limited seating with a large number of people wanting to attend.

My Two-Cents…. Many of the events are at colleges… if yours is, don’t forget what college parking is like. The visitor lots are not always convenient to the building where your event is held, so be sure to wear your walking shoes and arrive early.

So whether you are interested in robots, want to fly a drone, listen to an astronaut speak, learn about beekeeping, hear sound (what?!), make circuit jewelry (I really hope my kids don’t mind attending this one), study physics, get some hands-on with biology… I feel like the Atlanta Science Festival has something for everyone in your family. The only problem I have is narrowing down which events we will actually attend. Hope to see you there!Atlanta Science Festival

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