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If you were to look at my Pinterest it would appear I am on there 30 times throughout the day pinning my content or content from others. But I am not. I sit down once every two weeks and schedule it… then I pin throughout the week as time allows. I also schedule Twitter so that I have fresh links going out several times a day. These tools keep me from feeling like I need to spend so much time throughout my day in order to keep my content fresh. It is seriously a life saver.

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When I first began blogging I would only share my post once on Twitter. Then as I became more confident with my writing I would share on my personal facebook. And eventually I decided to share on all my social and get the momentum going.

Social media networks are all different. I share my new post once on my Facebook fan page and usually I share it on my personal page.

My post immediately shares on Twitter the second the post goes live (this is a part of WordPress you can set up with each post). If you use Twitter at all you will know it moves quickly. So you need to be in front of your audience frequently. In order to make this happen I use a scheduler. I used to use the free version of Hootsuite and like it alot. But with the changes it made I was no longer able to make the best use of it. So I now use Buffer, the Awesome plan.

Hootsuite - Social Relationship Platform

With Buffer you can go in a see how a particular post did. How many RTs, but more importantly how many clicks. If I see a decent amount of clicks I just hit re-buffer. If there are few or even no clicks, I edit the tweet before I hit re-buffer. Some tweets will get a RT, and no clicks. It is also important to stay real with your readers… don’t rely on Buffer and links to build your reader base… go on and tweet about your day. Show that you are a real person and not a bot.

On Pinterest it is also important that you stay fresh. I use Tailwind for my pinterest scheduling. Tailwind will also help you to know which of your pins are the most popular for your audience and you can re-pin them frequently. My Tailwind stays loaded with 30 pins per day. I keep a mixture of my content and pins that I found interesting and relevant to my audience. I also like to go on Pinterest and organically pin a few pins once in the evening.

I love having schedulers, but don’t rely on them to do 100% of the posting.

As far as Facebook, I either post organically or schedule through the FB platform itself. I have read in the past that they Facebook alogarithm prefers that you go through them… and I want to keep them happy.

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