The summer is here. For both those that stick to a traditional school calendar and those of us that school year-round, summer is a time to get out and do something fun.

I am a huge believer that the summer is a great time to give our kids learning experiences. There are so many programs offered during the summer, and most of them are educational.

I have a calendar for our area and have included several events we plan to attend. But for those of you that don’t live in our little section of the world, have no fear I am going to try and help you find some fun free things to do with your kids.

We are fortunate to have several libraries near us. Most libraries in the US have summer reading programs for kids AND adults. The libraries near us don’t require membership and their activities are free. From a live animal show, free movie days, science days… they seem to have something to do in June and July six days a week. There is no way we will attend them all, but science days are at the top of our list.

I have raved before on museum memberships. Our museum will be having a few activities this summer. They are free with admission, so the cost is minimal. They will bring out some of their live animals and teach us about them or they will talk about the various displays in the museum.

We are perfectly located near a National Forest and State Park. Both have different activities that are generally free. For the last several summers we have attended a program called Wild Wednesday, we have learned about birds, helped build bat houses, studied turtles up close, pretended to be migrating birds, climbed on a Forestry tractor, done all kinds of craft projects, and had snacks all with our National Forest group…. for FREE. I learn so much at these programs and am so grateful for them.

Check with your parks & recreation department to see what activities they offer. Ours has a fee for most of the activities, but they are still relatively inexpensive.

Our mall has some summer activities; bounces houses for the kids, live animal show, face painting, and the movie theater shows old movies for a cheap price.

Also, churches in our area offer things to do during various stages of the summer.

A college in our area has some great “camps” that sound like they would be pretty amazing, but do come with a sizable price tag ($100-300). Check your area colleges to see what they may offer.

And of all these fun things to do, a favorite in our house is always going to be playing in the sand pile or going on hikes.

What inexpensive activities does your kid participate in during the summer?

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