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We are a homeschool family. We started “baby school” with my son when he was 2. He learned his alphabet and then to count to ten. In no time at all he was wanting to write like mommy and daddy, so the search began to find some school books for him.

At 3, I found the Mead Success in Preschool for him. It was the perfect mix of coloring and fun while he could also learn to draw straight lines. It was my favorite book of all the preschool books I found. Everything we covered in this set us up for being ready for Kindergarten at 4 years old.

When my daughter was 2 we did much of the same with her, she learned her alphabet and how to count to ten. Now at 3 we began looking for this book again. I knew it was Mead, but couldn’t remember the name of it. I bought several preschool books for her, but none of them were the same book that I loved so much with my son. Some of the books were too simple and some were much too difficult. I needed to her to enjoy the pages, so lots of pictures were a must. And then one day while browsing some back to school supplies there it was! The book we loved so much the first time that no other book would suffice.


My daughter very much loves “baby school”. We use our Mead Success in Preschool book as well as our “ABC book”.

Homeschooling a Preschooler


Her ABC book is nothing more than a composition book with letters. We have cut out pictures from magazines, sales papers, and have finally made use of the old scrapbooking supplies I should have thrown in the trash years ago. We use stickers I have hidden in hopes I don’t find anymore on the walls and furniture.


Preschool is a term we use very loosely in our house. She has started to recognize several letters and really loves to write her name (she leaves out the harder to write letters and opts only for the simpler letters). Many days her “baby school” turns into coloring in her princess coloring books and listening to me read big brothers science and history lessons. So while she may rather listen to a book about 5 little ducklings she is getting entertained by hearing about the Mayflower Compact and symbiotic relationships in nature.


While we are taking preschool easy, we are being very intentional and feel these early years are what will set the later years apart. These early years we want her to learn how fun it can be to learn new things. When big brother gets to watch a video of a chameleon changing colors I bring her in to watch as well. We are sure that planting the seed of “learning is fun” is the most important thing we can be doing at this age. Well, that and teaching her how to use a napkin instead of her shirt.

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