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The MOM Podcast

You can listen on iTunes or on the MOM Podcast website.

As a new mom I was terrified. Of EVERYTHING!!

Were his clothes warm enough, or was he getting too hot?

Was he on track developmentally?

Was he going to grow up and hate me because I left him in his crib awake and alone while I got a shower?

Was the wheat I was eating transferring to the breastmilk and causing him a food allergy?

And my biggest question, why did I spend 9 months reading every book possible on pregnancy when I should have been reading about taking care of my baby?

What was I thinking? We can’t take care of this precious little guy by ourselves. The parenting classes did a great job teaching us about diaper rash and crib bumpers, but no one told me if I could leave the ceiling fan on if he was in the room. Is that draft going to give him a chill or is he going to stare at it and get dizzy?

So I read more books, this time on actually caring for an infant and toddler. And I latched on to a beautiful thing called podcasts.

When my son was about 3 months old I found the wonderful world of podcasting.

I could listen to people who knew more than me on a subject while my son was taking another nap and I was folding another load of laundry.

I found a group of women on a podcast called Babies and Moms. I listened to an episode, and another and another. I went back and listened to all their old episodes and was overcome with relief. The women not only brought a great deal of information into my new mom world, they brought peace. They were the experts, but made me feel that I was normal. I wasn’t supposed to know everything right from day one.

One of the podcasters, Nancy, wrote a book on baby sign language. I had read about sign language in one of my books, but it wasn’t until she discussed her children and the impact it had on their life that I decided to try it.

When my son was about 7 months old he began signing back to me.

As a toddler he was able to sign and tell me whatever he wanted and we had few meltdowns.

As time went on the podcasters’ children were no longer “babies”. So they added a show, MOM Podcast (Moms On a Mission).

They are still putting out some great nuggets of motherhood wisdom and I am still listening 5 years later.
Melissa and Doug

My Interview on the MOM podcast

When I wrote my book I sent Nancy an email to see if they had any interest in discussing Flying with Kids on their show. I was delighted when she said yes. Getting to be a guest on the MOM podcast and discuss my new book was a great experience. I am so thankful for the opportunity!

So, if you are a mom (of a teen or a baby), I highly recommend you go over and listen to The MOM Podcast. And if you love them as much as I do, leave them a great rating on iTunes!

You can listen on iTunes or on the MOM Podcast website.

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