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When I first started blogging I knew social media platforms were necessary to share my blog posts and get visitors to my website. I didn’t know there was so much more to social media than just getting traffic.

I started researching how to make money blogging and found out there are so many ways to make money with social media without even owning a blog! In fact, until just recently I made more money with social media than I did with my blog.

You don’t have to have a huge following, or own a website to make money online! And you can get started for free! Today!

Sponsored posts/Ads

Get Sponsored by Big Brands

Izea was one of the first ways I started making money online. They offer opportunities for you to make money on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course on a blog. You may share a post linking to a special sale on tires or share a photo of new spices the corner drug store now sells.

When you sign up for Izea and add your social media accounts they will take into account how large your following is as to how much you could make for a Facebook post. If you have 30 followers on Twitter you will not be eligible for as many campaigns or as large payments as someone with 22,000 followers. The larger your following, the larger your payday. You will be able to decide how much your minimum fee is so that you aren’t inundated with opportunities you don’t want to do. I started working with Izea bidding $3. for a tweet and have recently bid $450. for a tweet. With Izea some tweets you will craft yourself and some you will copy and paste from them. You will submit all work through their platform, and not post on your social media platform directly. There will be required elements of the tweet/post, such as a link and #sponsored or #ad. Every paid post or tweet must be disclosed so that readers know you were paid for the post. If not you will be in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission and will get black listed from further work. (This goes with every post you are paid to make on social media.)

I love working with Activate! Much like Izea, you will sign up with your social platform and tell them what your interests are so that they will know what campaigns you are best fitted for…. offering me posts about power tools isn’t as fitting as children’s sunblock or snack packs. Activate has opportunities for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs…. There are several variations of work with brands. The brand may contact you through Activate with an opportunity, you may see an opportunity to work with them under sponsored content, or you may just simply click to share a post to your social platform. I have found their click to tweet option easy to use, and graduating in pay.

Affiliate partners

Affiliate partners are an amazing thing. It is how the bloggers that boast their 6-figure a month earnings make their millions! Yes, SIX FIGURES A MONTH! And it is really simple… and some partners don’t even require you to have a website. I have partnerships with many brands, but most require a website. (I will give you more information in a later post about affiliate partnerships with a site.) Applying to become an affiliate partner is free, so I recommend you sign up today. My favorite blogger made six figures last month JUST in affiliate marketing!

I love Share A Sale. There are so many brands that participate that you have heard of. And you can share your links from them on social media.  You will apply to their website, then after acceptance you can begin looking for brands to begin a relationship with.

If you have a large social media following it may be beneficial to start your own website in order to really maximize your earning potential.


Virtual Assistant

There are many opportunities for virtual assistants in regards to social media. Some of the opportunities are so simple they will require little to no knowledge in the platform you are using, others will require you to know more than the brand hiring you. I have paid my son on a few occasions to sit and work on some of my work, so some of it is so easy a 7YO with ZERO Twitter experience can do.

You can sign up and start working on Fiverr as a virtual assistant. I have hired graphic designers here for my books, and hired someone to help with website work.

fiverr pro

Many bloggers, including myself, use a wonderful social scheduling tool called Tailwind(signup here and get a free month of Tailwind Plus). It is a simple enough task for those that know the tool and Pinterest well. Learning these two things can propel you into a career of Virtual Assisting in no time. Giving you the opportunity to work as much or as little as you want from the comfort of your own home.


I hope these tips will help you get started making money online using social media! If I can help you, please let me know!

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