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If you have ever searched blog on Pinterest I am sure you have seen the pins of “how to make 6 figures in 6 months blogging”. Sounds way too good to be true, I know. How does one even make money blogging? People go and read the blog and don’t pay anything, so how does a blogger make money?

There are several ways a blogger can make money. Some are directly related to their blog, some are freelance work, some are social media marketing, and some sell their own products.

While there are certainly more ways to make money blogging than I currently use I will only be talking about the methods I use and know.

Last week I discussed starting a blog.

Today I wanted to chat with you on how to make money on your blog.

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There are so many ways to make money on your blog, but I wanted to share some of the ones I have used.

January Income: $9.07

February Income: $60.91


There are of course ads that you can place on your website. Carefully placed ads will not cause a reduction in your traffic. Annoying pop-up ads, however will cause people to bounce (leave). So don’t place ads anywhere you wouldn’t want them to be when you visit a website. I have personally been to sites where you read 3 sentences and there is an ad, read three more and another ad… I will only scroll past so many ads before I click off the article. I appreciate the writer trying to make money, but I can only handle so many.

There are many ad companies to go through, but I only use Google ads. You need to be sure that you follow their rules or lose a very important business partner. With Google ads you are paid based on impressions as well as clicks. (Clicks will of course pay more, but if they see your IP address doing the clicking you will jeopardize your relationship with them. So DON’T click your own ads.)

Affiliate networking

This is basically you finding a product you believe in and marketing for them with links that are specific to YOU. If your reader clicks a link and makes a purchase the company will pay you a commission. In their eyes its better than placing ads that may or may not bring in the sale.

Amazon- anything Amazon sells you can get an affiliate link for. Got a new suit case you want to rave about, share the link with your friends and family and if they make a purchase you will receive a commission. Amazon is great to work with. I highly recommend you begin with them.

Commission Junction – CJ works with both you and the brand. This site is great as there are so many brands represented here, which makes things easier to manage.

Share-A-Sale – Not as many brands as CJ, but it is similar. I love Gymboree and I am happy to share when they are having a sale. Great for my readers to find a deal on a product they love.
Find a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your great content.

Social Media

I have talked before about making money with Twitter. Depending on your social media following you may use Facebook, & Instagram as well.Get Sponsored by Big Brands

Izea – I have had a long relationship with them. For well over a year I have been making money tweeting. Some months there are many opportunities and some months there are almost none. Some brands may offer $1 for a tweet and others may offer $65 (FOR ONE TWEET, less than 140 characters!!). So, some months are low and some are WHOA!


Activate – They have opportunities for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. As well as give you the opportunity to write sponsored posts (you write and promote a blog post about their brand and they pay you for this post/promotion.)


Free products may not add money to your bank account, but they are fun! And depending on the product they can put food on the table (brats, butter, freeze-dried fruit). I have received gifts from brands with no strings attached… just brands that found me on Twitter and wanted to send me a gift. Sure I then give them a shout out but it wasn’t required, which typically leads to even more gifts.

Some free products do come with specific instructions on what the brand would like in return. A blog post, social media posts, live “unboxing”… the brands are very clear about what they would like before the product ships. I have received offers for products that didn’t match my niche or asked too much for what they were offering. I don’t say yes to everyone and I don’t recommend you do either.

I have received a box from Influenster recently, and more products are on their way now. You do NOT need a blog to participate with their campaigns. But the more social media impact you have the greater your chance of being chosen for a campaign.


You can sell your own product on your blog.

I have been able to sell my book through my blog, and despite the fact that I give it away I still make sales on my Flying With Kids ebook. Writing an ebook and putting it on Amazon is a relatively simple process that I recommend. You place the book and don’t have to do anything else. You get paid when you sell the books. It feels good to still be getting paid for work I did back in 2015.

There are so many more ways to earn money, but I only wanted to share methods I have found success with.
So, can you make 6 figures within 6 months of starting? I don’t doubt for one second there are bloggers that have. I did not, but I would love if you started a blog and had that kind of success! Give it a try! Go back to my last post by clicking here, and get started today!

Are you looking to make money with your blog? Are you already making money with a blog? How do you monetize your website?

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