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The US Capital | Lego Americana Roadshow | Birmingham, Alabama

The Lego Americana Roadshow is in Birmingham at the Riverchase Galleria from January 28 until February 12, 2017. The roadshow is FREE to everyone.

Liberty Bell | Lego Americana Roadshow | Birmingham, Alabama

My family loves Lego, so we are all incredibly excited about seeing models of our national landmarks built entirely from our favorite construction bricks.

We went on opening day, and while we were worried about crowds it wasn’t bad at all. The displays are spread out inside the Riverchase Galleria’s two levels. Having the displays located throughout the mall instead of all in one spot certainly helped keep it from being too many people in one small area. And the displays are large, so you will be able to get your selfie with the Statue of Liberty.

Jefferson Memorial | Lego Americana Roadshow | Birmingham, Alabama

There are ten large landmark displays.  The homeschool mom in me was ecstatic that we were able to read a little about all the important pieces of our nation’s history. And the Lego loving mom in me was also curious to know how many hours it took to build each one. (My neck started aching reading those stats… thats a lot of hours spent looking down.)  Each large display also had a map (or you can download your own) you can carry with you so that you are sure to find all of the landmark displays. The map also has a question about each display/landmark. It might be a historical question or a question about the Lego model, but the answers were on the sign beside it’s display. If you complete the questions, you can take your map to the Lego store and get a Lego Americana Roadshow poster.

The smaller displays were nothing short of amazing. So much time went into the design and building of these pieces. |Lego Americana Roadshow | Birmingham Alabama

Interspersed throughout the mall were smaller displays. These were just as intriguing, to children and adults alike. One was a mall that had been taken over my Darth Vadar and his gang. Another was from Lego movie… with lots of characters. These displays had so much to look at. Maybe it was crazy looking monster guys doing Zumba, or a crash test dummy getting run over and dismantled by a train. My 6YO was screeching “mom, look it’s Wild Style from the Lego movie.” While my energetic 2 year old was trying to figure out how to get the Lego puppy from inside the glass case. And yes, I took my toddler and she didn’t wreck a single model… which was a fear I had going into this adventure.

Near the food court was a Lego play area. Tables were set up with Lego bins and several photos of projects the children could build with the available Legos. Race ramps were also available so the kids could build a car and race them down the track. They even had shorter tables for the little ones to create their masterpiece using Duplo blocks.
On February 4&5, 2017 12-4 they will have a FREE Make and Take event. Your kids will receive the instructions and bricks needed to build a small Statue of Liberty. Be sure you RSVP as I am sure this event will be a popular one. This will be located on the upper level between Macy’s and Sears.

The US Supreme Court Building | Lego Americana Roadshow | Birmingham Alabama

Also if you RSVP and are one of the first 250 to show your confirmation email, you will receive a $5 Lego gift card.  Before we left we stopped by the Lego store. That in itself is like heaven to my 6YO son. I found the digital box and was amazed. The digital box looks like a TV. Until you hold a Lego box set in front of the camera. The Lego set inside will come to life. I first tried an airplane. The workers were walking around the plane loading it, the pilot walked out with his coffee and got in the plane, the ramp workers walked away and the plane took off! It was really fun to see what the various sets will do. Just be patient with it as some of the sets don’t respond (I didn’t get any of the red box sets to work) and those that will have to be held at the right angle and close enough for the camera to pick it up. Ask a store employee and they will be glad to help show you!

We had a great time at the Lego Americana Roadshow, if you are in the Birmingham area I suggest you go check it out.

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