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How to find cheap flights

Since we have been in the airline industry, one of the most common questions we are asked is how to get the best deal on airline tickets.

One of the most expensive parts of travel for families is airfare, so finding the best deal can at times be a make or break moment when deciding whether or not to take a specific trip. So I wanted to share with you 8 ways to save money on your airline tickets.

Be Flexible 

Be flexible with days of the week you travel. Business customers frequently fly on Monday and Friday. Flying Tuesday-Thursday most often offers the best deals. Check for several different days when purchasing your ticket and it could make a large difference in your overall prices.

Being flexible with what week you are needing to travel. This can also make a huge difference with the price. Waiting another week or even going a week earlier could save you hundreds for one ticket. This isn’t always feasible, but when you have more freedom with your dates of travel use it to your benefit.

Check to see if you can fly into a different airport. Major cities often have more than one airport you can fly into. Flying into Washington DC? Check the price difference between Reagan airport, Dulles, and even Baltimore and you may find yourself saving lots. Also, cities like Orlando are near small airports that have smaller budget airlines flying into it. Flying from Bentonville, Arkansas to Orlando Florida (with a layover in Atlanta) could cost around $515, but flying on the same day into Sanford, Florida directly only cost $140. Certainly take into account that you may pay a little more for transportation to your destination, but it could mean a huge overall savings for your family.

PARK 'N FLY Savings

Check low budget airlines. Flying on Allegiant may mean that you fly into Sanford airport instead of Orlando, but it could equal a savings of $1500 for a family of 4. Sure you will need to work out some transportation to get you to Orlando, but for $1500 and only a half hour drive I would welcome the savings. (And the drive will take you over Lake Jessup… in the morning or evening will almost certainly leave you seeing some alligator floating around.) The low budget airline’s prices don’t generally come up in a airline deal search website. JetBlue, Southwest, & Spirit are other airlines you should check. Keep in mind they often call themselves “no-frill airlines” and may charge you fees for other services (checked bag, carry-on, beverages during flight…).  For a $1500 savings I wouldn’t mind paying for a checked bag and I can bring my own bottle of water.

Shop on Wednesday. The rumor is that airlines will put their sales our on Tuesday just prior to midnight, so buying Wednesday morning is the best time to shop. Try and shop for your tickets 6-8 weeks ahead of time for the best ticket prices.

The early bird gets the worm, or at least the best deals. Early morning and late evening flights are generally cheaper. I always choose early morning so that we are less likely to encounter delayed flights.

Check flight search sites., Expedia, Orbitz, Booking, skyscanner,  Kayak, Travelocity, Priceline,

Research your parking in advance. Parking at an airport for any length of time can be a large cost. Booking and paying ahead of time could save you some money. Park N’ Fly has various deals that could be 15% off, a day of free parking, or a free car wash depending on what they are currently offering.

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How to find cheap flights