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We have made the choice to homeschool for many reasons. But, sometimes there are programs in public schools that we miss out on. Two of the programs that motivated me as a kid are available to homeschoolers.

I remember as a kid getting to take part in the Six Flags Read to Succeed program. Except I probably called it “read to free tickets”. Read to Succeed is a great program… he reads and gets a free ticket to Six Flags. Every year I earned my own ticket to Six Flags. So, there was quite a sense of pride in knowing I had “paid” my own way to a day of fun.
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If you have a homeschooler K-6 that might be motivated to read their 6 hours by you dangling a ticket to Six Flags in front of them, then go enroll in their program. You can start in October and must finish by March 1!   (Enrollment is still open and you still have time to meet the 6 hours, so go now.)

With all that being said, I will see you in line for the Scream Machine!
Another program I loved as a kid also was a reading rewards program. Book-It through Pizza Hut. You read a certain amount of time (set by the teacher) per day and you get a ticket for a free personal pan pizza. I even got a cool button one year and was able to get all 6 stickers on mine, meaning I had reached my goal all 6 months of the program. I wore it with pride!

Guess what!?! Pizza Hut has this program open to homeschoolers as well! You, the teacher, get to set the goals for your child. Pizza Hut sends the coupons and then you just have to meet the goals. Great program. Most of all my son has a sense of pride that he is earning his pizza.

I was excited to see these two programs offered for homeschoolers. Are there any programs you loved as a kid that you regret your child will be missing out on?

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