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My family and I went to Helen, Georgia for a short vacation. It wasn’t our initial plan as I told you earlier. 

On our way into Helen we saw Sunny Farms, a horse trail riding place and pulled in. We weren’t too excited about taking the kids on an hour long trail ride, so the owner let us walk the kids around in the field with the horse, Peanut. Our two year old immediately fell in love and had trouble holding on to the saddle as she only wanted to hug Peanut over and over. I would love to go back when the kids are older and take that long trail ride. As you will see in the video, horseback riding was a hit with the kids.

When we arrived in Helen we were starving, so we found a parking spot in town and walked to dinner. In Helen you generally have to pay for parking, except at your hotel and some restaurants, so make sure you have a few dollars in cash.

We found a German restaurant on Yelp that had rave reviews. So the Bodensee was our first stop. We got the sampler platter and ate like kings. And I have decided that from this day forward I will be making German potato salad as it is far better than the potato salad I have been making for the past 20 years.

The Country Inn and Suites has a book lending program, so the kids had plenty to read.

We found a hotel that had an indoor pool, and free breakfast! So everybody was happy with the Country Inn and Suites. Also, it was in town so we were able to park our car and walk to town without paying to park again.  The breakfast was delicious, the staff was friendly. Next time we visit Helen it is highly likely we will stay there again.
We went to the Bavarian Mountain Mini Golf and had a blast. The course has a spot where you hit the ball into the water intentionally. So of course our kids loved that and made sure the ball went into the water every single chance they got…. leaving us fishing balls out of the water over and over.  If you go, be sure you mention Romeo and Juliette for a discount. The grounds are very well kept and the staff is so friendly we left there feeling more like friends than just a customer. And if you are really lucky like we were you will get to meet Romeo and Juliette.

Playing Mini Golf in Helen Georgia at  Bavarian Mountain Mini Golf


Babyland General Mother Cabbage

Babyland General The Mother Cabbage was about to give birth with assistance from the LPN (Licensed Patch Nurse).

The next morning after swimming and breakfast we began our adventure with a short road trip to Cleveland, Georgia to visit Babyland General Hospital. Any Cabbage Patch Kids fan will know exactly what this is. You can go and watch Mama cabbage give birth to a cabbage patch baby!!  My toddler was ALL OVER THE PLACE.  We all had a great time. You don’t have to be there too long before mama cabbage has a baby. Make sure you stay long enough for this little “show”. It was quite magical for my 2 year old, as well as this mommy. Such a cute place and it is FREE! They do certainly have dolls, and outfits and all kinds of accessories for sale there; but it is a free visit. Make sure you check it out.

We stopped by the Habersham Winery on our way back into Helen.

Babyland General

Getting to hold the newborn baby at Babyland General

We went back and walked around Helen asking a local where we should eat lunch, “Bodensee” was his recommendation. But we ate there yesterday, “go again” he said. So we did just that. Bodensee was just as delicious the second time around.

When you go to Helen you MUST go to the fudge shop, candy shop, and get the homemade ice cream. Ok, so I know I am not getting any mom awards from pumping my kids full of so much sugar, but lets be real… we are on vacation and when in Helen… you just gotta enjoy what is offered!!!

After much begging our kids wanted to play mini golf again. We couldn’t exactly coax them to do something different after we had eaten two meals in the same place. So we went back to play mini golf for the second day, this time doing the second course. Our kids are still kind of young to be good at the game, or even stay interested in trying to play by the “rules” but we all 4 had a blast and had plenty of laughs.

On our last night in Helen we decided to give the Bodensee one last visit. Yes, 3 visits in 3 days!
Before we left the area to go home we had to venture to Anna Ruby Falls. We love taking family hikes and this one is a short one. It is a short hike, but is basically straight up hill the entire way. There is nothing up at the falls but seats to sit down and enjoy the view while catching your breath for your walk down. So I highly recommend you take a bottle of water with you. Another family had carried a small picnic with them and I wished we had done the same if for no other reason than to sit and relax in the beauty for a few more minutes.

Helen is a beautiful place! From some parts of the German town you can see Georgia’s beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. (There are so many beautiful water falls you can hike to if you have the time!) In the summer there are many spots to go tubing and kayaking. Plenty of opportunities to go on a zip line adventure. In September they kick off Oktoberfest. We have been to Oktoberfest a few times and plan to go back soon. Be sure you are ready for some polka and chicken dancing!

Have you visited Helen, Georgia yet? What is your favorite part?

My husband has made a video of our trip. Enjoy!


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