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How I came to write the ebook, Flying With Kids

“If you are traveling with an infant or someone needing assistance, put your mask on before assisting others.”

I said it a million times. Ok, well maybe not a million. But a lot.

I was a flight attendant for six years before hanging up my wings and becoming a stay at home mom (now homeschooling mom). Leaving the flying world was not nearly as hard for me as it is for some who choose to keep their feet on the ground. Because I am married to an airline pilot. So while I may not get to experience the moment of a plane lifting into the air as often as I once did, I didn’t have to leave the aviation world entirely.

When our son was six months old I got to take him on his first trip. His second flight was flown by the funniest person he had ever met, his daddy.

All my experience with flying was no match for what I experienced when I took my little guy on his first trip. To say I was nervous is an understatement. I didn’t really have any friends that had taken an infant flying alone, so I had no clue what I was in for.

My first time Flying with Kids

Our trip was a great one. And as kids often do he taught me a thing or two. Like no matter how hard you try to keep them awake and nursing on decent, it just might not happen. And when the pressure in those tiny little ears becomes unbearable everyone within 5 rows of your seat will know.

I wrote a different blog when our son was small and my most popular blog post was a post on Flying with Kids. It was shared and read often and I received many “thank you” notes from those posts. I eventually stepped away from the blogging world for a short time and my post was missed. Friends that had yet to go on a flying adventure with their kids were asking for advice. So I found myself typing out the same information into emails and Facebook messages. If my friends and family were asking for this type of help, surely others must be looking for information as well.

What do you do if you have information that others need and you have? You write an ebook, of course.

You can get the ebook for free by subscribing to my newsletter. Or you can make the purchase on Amazon and have it sent to your kindle. Don’t have a kindle? Don’t worry! Amazon has thought of that… you can download the free Kindle app onto your smart phone and get Flying With Kids right at your fingertips.

The book is a quick read to get you all the information quickly. Because let’s be honest… you are a busy mom and I know your time is valuable.

If you get the opportunity to read the book, I would love to hear how it helped you. If you have any questions that you didn’t see covered in the book, please message me so that we can find out an answer together.

Most importantly I want to thank all of my friends and family for their continued support. This has been a fun adventure made all the better with those I love most by my side.

Check out Flying with Kids and let me know what you think! Please Share with your friends and anyone that may be flying with kids soon!!

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