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No one wants to get to the airport and find out you have a flight delay.

When you are Flying with Kids, it can be even more stressful.

One of my biggest tips I have given friends that have flown with or without children, Fly early in the day for your best chance at avoiding delays.

An early flight isn’t always an option, and sometimes they do get delayed. Here are my 7 Tips for Surviving A Flight Delay With Kids.

  1. Remain calm. As parents our kids look to us on how to feel about a situation. They have a natural tendency to mirror our behaviors. The same goes for the other passengers around you. Your soothing presence in a tense situation will be noticed, and hopefully echoed.
  2. It would be an excellent idea to get some rations at this point. Even if you did as I suggested in Flying With Kids and brought snacks, it would still be a great time to get some Cinnabon, ya know if sugary snacks isn’t a big problem for you. Save the goodies you brought from home for later, in case the delays continue once you are on the plane (this is a very likely possibility if you are delayed for weather or air traffic control issues).
  3. If you will be making a connection and the delay will cause a missed flight, send one adult to wait in the growing line to collaborate with the gate agent. Most airlines will allow you to check your flight status and make changes on their app. This will interfere with your ability to put your frustration into 140 characters or less on Twitter, but it could save you some time. (Airline phone numbers at the bottom of this post.)
  4. Check to see if your airport is on the list of airports that have a play area.  You can check online to see if your airport has it’s own play area or other distraction.  Many airports have trains to move the people from terminal to terminal, this can provide a great distraction and a chance to get a change of scenery. Just be certain you don’t find yourself outside security. On a long flight delay in Las Vegas my nieces rode the escalators and moving side walks over and over. If a moving sidewalk is deserted, it works like a treadmill and can be loads of fun for older kids.
  5. If you are looking at an exceptionally long delay you may look into a hotel that is connected to the airport. These hotels often have a day use pass rate that will give you a significant discount and allow you to nap, shower, and easily find a spot to charge your devices. Check to see if your airport has sleep pods and if they allow children. Airport lounges offer a great spot to unwind. Priority Pass will allow children 12 and under for free in some airports.
  6. Depending on how long my delay was, I would be tempted to purchase a new small toy or book in the gift shop. Getting something new is exciting, and could just turn a flight delay into a fun thing.
  7. Make it an adventure. Play a round or 3 of airport bingo. Turn it into a learning event. Find a flight going somewhere you have never heard of and research the destination. You may just find your next vacation destination. Go to the departures board and let your kids pick their dream destination and tell you what the vacation would be like

120x240 Get Quote

Delta 1-800-221-1212

United 1-800-UNITED-1

American 1-800-882-8880

Southwest !-800-I-FLY-SWA


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What are some things you have done to entertain your children during a flight delay?

Flight Delay with Kids


7 Tips for Surviving a Flight Delay with Kids