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Why another income report so soon?

Last week I decided I could start putting out income reports as a way of keeping myself on top of my game. I was pretty late into the month, but decided to go ahead and start with January.

There are many aspects of blogging/social media that are out of my control. Some companies may have an influx of campaigns one month and then nothing again for 6 months. One of the brands I like working with only has opportunities every three or four months. So while I enjoy those months when they come… I know that I can’t rely on it the next month. I am now using this as a motivation to expand my income streams. This is necessary also if I want to grow my income more than what I have in the past.

At the end of the month I placed ads on my blog. I like to think I have them placed and set up so that they won’t be the annoying in your face type that cause my readers to venture away from my posts. If I see a decrease in my traffic I will take that as a sign and take them down. In my first week of having them I have not seen people leaving the site upon seeing them, so I take that as good news.

For the last year I have monetized my Twitter, making a good money some months and not as good others. I have decided now to monetize my blog as well.

My January income report

February 2017:

Amazon book sales: $.68 if an Amazon Prime member (you can get 30 days free by clicking the banner ad below) reads the book the author gets a small commission on the book even though the reader was able to read it for free. This is the only reason Kindle Unlimited works… otherwise authors wouldn’t just give their books away. You do not need a Kindle to read the book, you can download a FREE Kindle app by clicking the Kindle banner.

Google Ad Sense: $2.06 I added this at the end of February, so I do expect it to go up next month. (It did.) 

Izea: $58.17  While I am happy with this, Izea is changing some of their formats. I am not a huge fan of their new style… so I am not confident on this income going farther.

Total February income is 60.91.

You’ve worked hard to build a name for your business. Protect it.

I look forward to seeing how March will go. I will check back with you soon. Do you have a blog that you monetize? I am enjoying learning about monetization and would love to hear more about your experience.

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