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This week marks 3 years since the scariest day of my life. I want to share this with you because I want you to know what to do if it happens to your child.

My daughter was now 2 months old (my son was 3) and we were ready to take a venture out of the house. I had planned to meet up with a sweet sweet friend of mine and let our boys (same ages) play.

I sat down to nurse baby girl and my little wild child 3 YO that STILL would cry and beg to not take a nap EVERY DAY sat down next to us. And he fell asleep! Of course I snap a photo and send it to my husband who is at work in New Jersey.  As I begin to get up to lay baby girl down I felt that feeling mamas hate… my boy had an awful fever.

Febrile Seizures

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I laid my baby girl down, and texted my girlfriend that we need to reschedule. Then my son began vomiting on himself. He was beside himself, crying (this kid loves mud, but otherwise he must be clean). I filled the bath tub and walked with him into the bathroom. I told him to try and take his shorts off while I got the bath ready but he just stood there slumped against the wall. It was very unlike him to need help, but he was sick. The kid that usually jumps into the tub like its the olympic high dive had to be picked up and placed into the tub.

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While I am getting him cleaned up tiny princess has woke up and is screaming for a new diaper.

I place him wrapped in a towel on the couch to get her cleaned up.


I come back to find him having a seizure. I have seen seizures when I was in high school and on passengers when I was a flight attendant. But none of that prepared me for MY child having a seizure!

When your baby is sick it is mama instinct to pick up your baby/child and hold them. When they are having a seizure that instinct is ten-fold. But DONT!!!!  Thankfully I was on the phone with 911 while my son was seizing and was frantic when his lips turned blue. She told me to lay him on his side.

After the seizure I had to clean him up and dress him while he was asleep. I was screaming, crying, begging him to wake up. Running frantic around the house to get ready to leave my breastfed infant home with my dad, while struggling to leave my son’s side and just wanting to watch the rise and fall of his chest to know he was breathing. The EMTs arrived and I burst into tears, I knew they could take the lead and I could fall apart if only for a minute. These women that were here to take care of my baby looked like angels to me. I knew one of them and she came over, gave me a hug and assured me he would be fine. Missy is and will forever be one of the most precious beings on this planet to my family. She knows when she sees me she had better be ready for a hug and for me to brag on her to whoever she is with. I adore her and I will never ever forget her gentle kindness to me and my boy that terrifying day.

My dad arrived what seemed like seconds after calling him frantically and he stayed with my little girl when we left in the ambulance.

My son got his first IV in the back of a moving ambulance driving through our hometown on our way to the hospital. Poor baby was so exhausted he never flinched at the needle prick and slept the entire 40 minutes to the hospital. (Also… I am pretty dang convinced that EMTs are probably the best in the world at IVs… I mean… they put them into incredibly sick patients while driving down the road! Tell me that isn’t incredible.)

We got to the hospital and they began different tests. He had a heart monitor put on, had an MRI done, blood drawn, and when he would finally wake up a urine sample.

It seemed like the blink of an eye and family began pouring in. Our tiny room was full and the hall outside our room was lined with my boy’s aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins.

As all the tests continued to come back normal the dr was more and more convinced that he had only had a febrile seizure. He was fine!

Febrile seizures are scary, and are rare. But they happen to healthy kids and I want you to know what to do.

I am not a medical professional in any way. I am NOT giving medical advice… however  says:

During a seizure, place the child on his or her side on a protected surface and observe carefully. Keep track of the time, and if the seizure lasts longer than 5 minutes, call 911 or take the child to an emergency facility if you can do so safely.

My personal Facebook…

August 11, 2014

This day was the scariest of my life!

My son was running a fever. He vomited all over himself, so I took him to the bath. He couldn’t stand up or even sit up and was throwing up in the tub.

I got him out and wrapped in a towel. Laid him on the couch and had to change my 2 month old as she had a diaper blowout. (Because it was perfect timing).

Came back and my sweet boy was having a seizure (first ever on the healthiest kid I know).

I was on the phone with 911 when he started turning blue. Luckily he started throwing up and coughing and breathing normally again.
Thankfully my dad was close by and got here quick. He stayed with my little girl while I rode in the ambulance with my boy.
I am so grateful! Tears of thankfulness are flowing! Y’all my boy is ok! He is amped from all the sugary juice and Popsicles. Febrile seizures aren’t any indication of epilepsy. We are home. He is being his usual silly self. He is wanting to sleep in the laundry basket full of clean clothes and I think it’s the most logical thing in the world. And I have him a huge cardboard box in case that looks more fun. I want him in the bed next to us, but the boy is gonna get whatever he wants.
My heart is so happy. So thankful! And I am constantly thanking God and praying for the people that deal with seizures on a normal basis.

Febrile Seizures: What to Do

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My Sweet boy was/is fine and now 3 years later has never had another febrile seizure.

I had listened to a podcast about febrile seizures once and didn’t pay a lot of attention about what to do because my kids were healthy and that stuff happens to other people.

But it does happen. It can happen to you! I want you to know what to do.

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