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Cherokee Rock Village

Cherokee Rock Village is tucked away on a country road near Leesburg, Alabama you can get the most amazing view of the sparkling Weiss Lake. A view you don’t want to miss at a price you can’t resist. It was even a scene in the movie, Failure to Launch.

Climbers refer to it as “Sandrock” and locals call it Little Rock City. I have to agree with the Little Rock City name it has earned. I was in awe that such a beautiful place is open to the public and isn’t so commercialized. It really is a hidden gem. We have lived less than an hour from this spot most of our lives and had neither heard of it until recently.


There is camping is available at Cherokee Rock Village for only $10 a night for a car or $20 for bus/RV. There is a heated bath house located on the property as well as a pavilion. The camping areas are not located in the rocks, but are incredibly close and convient.



Rock Climbing

We are not skilled climbers, but Cherokee Rock Village would be a great spot to get some climbing in. Being there among all the rocks and seeing some of the anchors up so high I was impressed. I do wish I had the skill required. But if you watch the video you will see that I don’t even have the ability to get down from the rock once I get up there, so maybe I’m not the best example.

Our kids had a great time climbing around on the lower rocks and jumping off. Maybe someday soon we will be rock climbing out there with the pros, but for now we can have a great time just “monkeying” around.

Day Use

The cost is $5 per car load and we couldn’t believe it was such a good deal. They are open 24/7 with a self-pay box when the office is closed.

Our kids were so excited for the playground, but it isn’t in a shade, so we had to wait until later in the day when it started to cool off. There are lots of picnic tables in addition to the pavilion. The picnic tables have plenty of shade and an incredible view. (You know we packed a picnic to carry with us.)

Hiking down in the rocks is incredible. I was relieved that there are areas where the kids could play a little more freely as I was concerned with drop offs. They really loved “getting lost” in the rocks. There are areas with steep cliffs that provided the best views and they were a little more nerve wracking for a mom of a 2 year old. There are some trails that are easy to maneuver and find a great view. There are others that require a little more walking and a lot more climbing. Luckily there is a trail that most anyone can get down to get out and enjoy a view.

We arrived at the park earlier in the day, but we noticed more people arriving later for the same reason we had come. The sunset is unreal. (Seriously watch the video at the end of this post.) The park is a decent size and while we did see a few people there it wasn’t as crowded as many Rock City would be.

Cherokee Rock Village is incredibly beautiful and not nearly as crowded as one might think it would be after you see these incredible views.

It is a little off the main road, and had we not been following my cousin, I might have thought our GPS had us lost. But just stay the course, this view will be well worth it.

Located at 2000 County Road 70 in Leesburg, Alabama this is a great spot to find.

Check out our family fun at Cherokee Rock Village!