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I have talked before about our homeschool curriculum, Bookshark.

We love the simplicity of selecting exactly what we want and waiting for it to show up on our front porch.

Bookshark also makes it easy as you don’t have to plan what to do each day. They schedule everything out for you. So you can open your box of curriculum, get your teachers handbook out and begin teaching in about 5 minutes.

For Kindergarten we purchased everything we needed to get started. The giant teacher binder, which will hold the year’s lesson plans. The math manipulatives for “playing” math. The Timeline book that you will use for your history lessons for years to come.

For third grade Bookshark allows you to select if you have an advanced reader. If so, your reader will get more books and your lesson plans will show you which chapters and which book your reader should read depending on the program they are in. I LOVE this because we are daily readers even on “not school days”. We usually read all of our books well ahead of the end of school and spend a large amount of time looking for new books to read. Thank goodness we have some great libraries in our area. ((DogMan and Dan TDM are some favorites of his.))

For third grade we were also able to customize his spelling work. Bookshark has a spot on their website that will help you to decide which program your kid will be best for. After getting my son to read a passage to me it was decided he should go with the Spelling You See (Americana) this year. Which he is excelling at.

For our Language Arts program we went with Wordly Wise 3000. WW is great for expanding the vocabulary. We also went with the optional handwriting without tears, cursive this year.

For science, Bookshark has a set curriculum for third grade. With the option to add on lyrical science. I read reviews for the program on Amazon and did a little more research on what it was and opted not to use it.

For history this year we are learning American History. (And it will continue into next year.) We are currently reading Pedro’s Journal, Walking the World Rim, and he is reading a book about Pochantas.

His Spelling You See, Americana has a lot to do with American History with the first lesson being about our American flag.

I love the way Bookshark throws several subjects together to be learning about a large general subject. His history, read – alouds (book I read), reader (book he reads), and spelling all have to do with American History.

I have done two videos of my curriculum unboxing when our Bookshark box arrived.

We are well into our 4th year with Bookshark. When our daughter is a little older she will begin her homeschool education with the same awesome books my son used. They give us an option to purchase the items we will need to replace so that we aren’t buying books we have already purchased once.

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BookShark Homeschool Curriculum

We have used the BookShark Homeschool Curriculum for 4 years now! This is an overview of what we get.