Making Money from Home Using Social Media

When I first started blogging I knew social media platforms were necessary to share my blog posts and get visitors to my website. I didn't know there was so much more to social media than just getting traffic. I started researching how to make money blogging and found...

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How to Find Cheap Flights

How to find cheap flights Since we have been in the airline industry, one of the most common questions we are asked is how to get the best deal on airline tickets. One of the most expensive parts of travel for families is airfare, so finding the best deal can at times...

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Dunes of Panama, Panama City Beach, Florida

Dunes of Panama An Overview and a Video of our trip with drone footage   Our family has a deep love for Panama City Beach, Florida! And if you have been there you can see why! Panama City Beach is a gorgeous spot to visit with the family. With miles of beautiful sugar...

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Cherokee Rock Village, Leesburg, Alabama

Cherokee Rock Village Cherokee Rock Village is tucked away on a country road near Leesburg, Alabama you can get the most amazing view of the sparkling Weiss Lake. A view you don’t want to miss at a price you can’t resist. It was even a scene in the movie, Failure to...

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Easy $5 DIY Easter Wreath from Dollar Tree

Back at Christmas I had some fun making Christmas decor with materials from Dollar Tree. My kids and I had the best time on this project so we were excited to jump right on some pastels and get ready for the Easter bunny! I was compensated for this post. This post...

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Moon Mouse: A Space Odyssey

        Have you ever fallen in love with an alarm clock? What about a mouse that wears glasses? This hour long show will have you loving both within the first few minutes. Marvin is this adorable mouse that seems to be having trouble fitting in. He isn't the popular...

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Top 5 Ways to Get Your Kid Reading

  I don’t have to tell you how important reading is. Every parent knows the importance of being able to read. But how can we encourage our children without putting too much pressure on them? Our son began reading at an early age, and we were thrilled. But what was...

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5 Ways To Save Money While Traveling

On one of our most recent family trips we put a lot of effort into saving some serious $$!  Our motivation behind saving money... the cheaper we can be the more often we can travel. And my friend, we LOVE to travel. I wanted to share a few of the ways we save so that...

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5 Easy Ways to Save Money Today

So often I hear people say they would travel more if they could afford it. And honestly we are in the same shoes. We would travel every weekend if someone else was paying the bill, so I get it. We do a lot of things in order to save money so that I can stay home with...

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Hey y'all! My name is Pamela!

Hey y'all! My name is Pamela!

It's so nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by! I am a homeschool travel loving mom, so I decided I had every reason in the world to blog... so here I am.

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