Author: Pamela Gann

Making Money from Home Using Social Media

When I first started blogging I knew social media platforms were necessary to share my blog posts and get visitors to my website. I didn’t know there was so much more to social media than just getting traffic. I started researching how to make money blogging and found out there are so many ways to make money with social media without even owning a blog! In fact, until just recently I made more money with social media than I did with my blog. You don’t have to have a huge following, or own a website to make money online!...

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Making Money from Home: Everything You Need To Know To Start Selling On Amazon

<a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> I became a stay-at-home mom when my son was born, but I desperately wanted to try and make money from home. We were as frugal as a family can be, but I wanted to add an income to our household. We sold on eBay a few years, Learn how to get started selling on eBay here.  But with a new baby on the way, and starting our journey into homeschooling we were looking for something a little different. After we had sold on eBay for a couple of years we heard about the wonders...

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Making Money From Home: How to Start Selling On eBay

Making Money From Home: How To Start Selling On eBay We have made money while working from home in a few different ways. Selling on ebay was what I call the Great Beginning! It was our first Work from Home gig and it started because we wanted to de-clutter a bit. We had two bookshelves overflowing with books from my college years and my husband’s flight school days. We were looking to clean up our spare room as well as make a little cash from those expensive books. Selling books on ebay is probably the fastest way to get...

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How to Find Cheap Flights

How to find cheap flights Since we have been in the airline industry, one of the most common questions we are asked is how to get the best deal on airline tickets. One of the most expensive parts of travel for families is airfare, so finding the best deal can at times be a make or break moment when deciding whether or not to take a specific trip. So I wanted to share with you 8 ways to save money on your airline tickets. Be Flexible  Be flexible with days of the week you travel. Business customers frequently fly...

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100+ Frugal Life Hacks: Save Your Hard-Earned Money

When I was a flight attendant my husband and I made decent money. But when we decided to expand our family one of us had to leave the flying world and I was the lucky one. Not only did we cut our income in half, our health insurance increased and we had to come up with a solution. I became a home economist. The more money we could save the more life we could live. I didn’t want to spend so much money on groceries or the power bill or well… or anything. Suddenly the future mattered more to...

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