Author: Pamela Gann

Top Ten Blog Posts in 2017

I wanted to do a round up post to help close out this year. I wanted to look back at the most popular posts I have done this year! It has been fun to look back at them. Some of the posts I haven’t read lately, so I was able to go back and read and update them. My most popular post was also one of my favorite ones! The beautiful photos, the incredible video… it is hard not to love this one! It was easy to see why it was a favorite of all my friends/readers! My top...

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From Hobby to Steady Income: My 2017 Blog Growth

What a year it has been! This was the year I decided to really go hard and all out on my blog. I decided to re-invest a chunk of money back into the blog as I made it. 2016 was my first year to make a little money, but I was still so new to turning this hobby into something bigger so I wasn’t really sure I could make it happen in 2017. But 2017 has proven itself to be the year things happen, and I contribute it all to one thing. I made the decision that if 2017...

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STEM Gift Ideas

My son is a lover of all things Science, engineering, and technology!  Not so much on the math part, but hey… I’ll take whatever I can get. I wanted to share some of our favorite STEM gift ideas to help you with your science lover. Many of the toys we have purchased or he receives would fit into the STEM category, so I wanted to share them with you. Pam is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to  Dash! I have talked...

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Gift Guide for Family Travelers

I wanted to create a gift guide for family travelers.   I recently did a post with our family travel essentials, so you will notice some of those products again. I just wouldn’t want to have to travel without these items.   A good suitcase is probably the most important thing you can travel with. I have had bad bags in the past and they can cause a headache for you, so avoid this struggle and get a good bag. Since I started flying I began using a TravelPro bag. I have had 3 over my years of flying...

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Everything you need to know when Flying Stand-By

Marry me and fly for free or something like that… My kids and I are frequent fliers, as standby passengers. They don’t know any other way and I have only purchased one ticket in the last 13 years. We are great at flying “space available” or “non-rev”. If you are reading this I am assuming that you are going to get the privilege of flying as a stand-by space available passenger. Congratulations! Someone really trusts you with this honor. Not everyone will get this chance. As some airlines (my husband’s included) no longer have buddy passes. It’s really simple…...

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