A little more about me, Pam Gann.

Welcome, my friend! I wanted to take a minute and tell you a little more about me.

On my 16th birthday I went on my first commercial flight. I watched the flight attendants in awe. Wishing that I would be able to have such an amazing career, but that would never happen. Sure my family  encouraged me to reach for the stars, but I could imagine in what world could be a flight attendant.

In 2000, two weeks after graduating high school I married the love of my life. My Army Paratrooper and I endured more deployments than either of us wanted, so when his enlistment was up we entered civilian life. In 2004, only 7 years after my first commercial flight I began my exciting career as a flight attendant. I had done it. I had snagged my dream job! Shortly after my husband was hired by the airlines as a pilot! Both working our dream jobs we just didn’t feel like life could get any better.

When we decided to become parents we knew that one of us needed to stay home with our children. So I was the lucky one. My dream of being a flight attendant was replaced with my greater dream of being a mom.  Becoming a mom made me want to do many things different with my life, one of those was to make better financial choices and travel with our family to incredible destinations. We also decided to homeschool our children in order to keep our travel options open.

10 years ago I was flying to incredible destinations, living an incredible life. Today I am a homeschooling mom blogger still getting to travel to amazing places and doing it with my kids. It is funny how wildly different my life looks now, but how fulfilling it was then and now!

I started blogging in 2012 at a different site. One of my most popular posts was my post on Flying with Kids. I had stopped blogging, and it seemed the moment I did people were asking about the post. So after a couple of months off I started blogging again. The more I blogged at my new site the more I felt restricted by my site name, so I wanted to change again. I wrote my book, Flying With Kids, to help parents that hadn’t yet flown with their kids feel more at ease with every step of the process.

When I became a stay at home mom I searched the internet countless hours to find more ways to save money. We were losing half of our income for me to leave my job and stay home so we had to come up with a plan. We greatly reduced our spending and found so many answers to questions we didn’t even know we had yet. We became passionate about finances and still are today. I wrote my book, 100+Frugal Life Hacks: Save Your Hard-Earned Money, in order to help more people to find ways their family can save.

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