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If you don’t yet have a blog I am happy to teach you how to start one. 

As I have said before blogging can be as easy as you want it to be. These are tools I find VERY helpful in making blogging easier!

The tools I am suggesting today are not tools you MUST have to operate a successful blog. But they are tools I can’t live without, therefore they are tools I want to share with you. So even if you don’t have them on your blog yet, decide if they sound like something you need/want on your blog.

Askimet Anti-Spam

Don’t do anything else until you get this installed on your webpage.

If you have comments enabled on your site you will absolutely need this plug-in.

I currently have 567 spam comments inside my Askiment. This is just from the last 2 weeks! I don’t want any of these comments on my website. Of course you want real comments on your site. Aunt Judy talking about your vacation post is welcome, a fellow blogger offering her words of support are so thoughtful and wanted. But the “bot” that is commenting about things that really shouldn’t even be on the internet are Not welcome on your site. Some are in languages I can’t read but most are about topics I will never be discussing, and I highly doubt you will either…. and I ain’t talking about the football draft or fantasy baseball teams.
Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite
Google Analyticar… When you get Google analytics set up for your page, this plug-in can make sure you are on top of the tracking. (Google Analytics will tell you how many people come to your site, what posts/pages were read, and how they found you.)

Ultimate Social Media Plus

When people come to your website you want to make it  easy for them to share on their social media. Set it up so that your post can go viral.

Yoast SEO

Search Engine Optimization is critical to your website success. If your website can’t be found when people search on Google or other search engines it will be hard for your website to gain traction. New readers need to be able to find you.
Holiday Inn Express Orange Beach-On The Beach
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